It was hard work for the organisers to decide if and how the beloved festival would take place. They finally decided that the festival would go ahead, as a reduced version. “There was no other way, since summer without Letní Letná is not a real summer for us, so we immediately started planning the 17th year of the festival in a reduced version. We will bring you the best festival we can, considering the current circumstances, and we will be happy for people to come and enjoy the festival,” Jiří Turk, the Letní Letná festival director, says.


Foreign performers head to Prague

Performers from abroad will also come to Prague in August. The festival will open with Spanish ensemble Voalá’s aerial acrobatics set in the in the sky, with unforgettable scenes.

The French ensemble Galapiat Cirque has been to Prague several times. This time, they will perform the world premiere of ‘L'âne & la carrote’ (‘Donkey & Carrot’).


Czech stars in Letná

The best Czech new circus production cannot be missing from the festival programme. Festival goers will see Losers Cirque Company, an ensemble with their new home stage in the Braník Theatre. They will give a special edition of their first performance ‘The Loser(s)’, a key performance that has informed all their future work, at the festival.


Losers Cirque Company and Cirk La Putyka will surprise visitors with a joint improvisation called ‘Be Together – Buďme Spolu’, which will only take place this year at Letní Letná.

The acclaimed Cirk La Putyka will also perform ‘Kaleidoscope’, a performance they created during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes crazy jumps on a giant teeterboard, group dances, aerial acrobatics and flying on a trampoline.

VOSTO5 Theatre with their ‘Stand'artní kabaret’, and Bratři v tricku will perform, among other Czech groups.


Accompanying programme

The festival programme will also offer an interactive installation of Catalan toys and games for children by the Guixot de 8 ensemble, who turn the game into a street performance; as well as a music scene with many bands and DJs; and a food zone with bars, which are always an essential part of the festival. Children will also enjoy performances for kids, art and circus workshops, and a summer camp ‘Letní Letňák’ in Brigádníků Primary School in Strašnice district in Prague, where they will learn the basics of acrobatics and juggling. The summer camp will take place from the 10th to the 21st of August, and the children will perform what they have learned on the last day of camp.

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