Do you not have a car? Do not despair. Sun loungers are also to be placed in front of the screen for cinemagoers without cars. The organisers will ensure compliance with the new health and safety regulations.

According to the main organiser, Jakub Dostál, Strahov is the ideal location for drive-in movies in Prague. Dostál and his co-founders pursued the project as they felt that the space had a great atmosphere and was perfectly suited to this type of cinema. The project also follows the tradition of drive-in movies in Strahov, since the largest drive-in cinema in the Czech Republic in 1999 was right inside the Great Strahov Stadium. “It occurred to us that the space in the heart of Prague has become a bit abandoned and sad over the years, and we wanted to change that,” Dostál said.

Films will be screened in Autokino Strahov daily from 9pm until the end of September. Admission is 350 CZK per car to the summer season opening, as well as for all other screenings and cultural events during the summer season. Follow the news about the drive-in cinema, with opening hours, ticket information, etc. on the webpage:; and on social networks: Facebook: Autokino Strahov; and Instagram: Autokino Strahov.

The organisers will ensure that the events take place as safely as possible. Leaving your vehicle on the premises is prohibited until further notice, unless absolutely necessary. A distance of two metres between cars must also be maintained.

Due to these restrictions, the current capacity of Autokino Strahov is 120 cars. However, in the future it will be possible to increase it.

Address: Zátopkova 6, Prague 6, 169 00