The Czech Nature Photo competition presents the best nature photography by Czech and Slovakian photographers. The photographers submitted photographs taken all over the world. However, Prague City Forests only selected photographs which capture the beauty and diversity of Czech nature for the exhibition, as the nature around us gives our lives shape and meaning, and since we influence our immediate surroundings the most with our everyday choices.

Visitors can find the large-format photographs of animals and plants on the fence bordering the wooden building Dřevák in the upper area of the Prales.

Some of the exhibited photographs were awarded in various categories, such as the photo ‘Rojení světlušek’ (‘Swarm of Fireflies’) pictured below, which won third place in the Best Photographs of Czech Nature category, supported by Prague City Forests.

Admission to Ekocentrum Prales is free.



Prague Forest Centre of Lesy hl. m. Prahy

953 Mladoboleslavská, Prague 19