The building’s architecture was inspired by classical French Baroque, and it was equipped with luxurious furnishings and the most modern technology of the time. It is very rare to have the opportunity to visit this noble and opulent palace, a space where history was written. Now you can enjoy the photographic tour of this special place.


Otto Petschek

The story of the Petschek Villa started between the years 1925 – 1930, when renowned banker and entrepreneur Otto Petschek had this luxury residence built in Prague- Bubeneč. The villa was designed by Jewish architect Max Spielmann and built by the Matěj Blecha architecture and construction company.

However, Otto Petschek and his family did not have the opportunity to enjoy their palace for long. They moved to the villa in the year 1931, but three years later, Otto Petschek died at the age of fifty-one. Four years later, the whole family fled to England from the Nazis.


Other owners

During the war, Rudolf Toussaint, Chief Commander of the German Army in Prague, seized the house. After the war, the villa was briefly used by the Soviet Army and then by the Czechoslovak Ministry of National Defence. In September 1945, it was rented by the then US Ambassador to Prague, and shortly thereafter the United States bought the entire premises from the City of Prague.


Luxury interior

The villa originally had 18 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 148 other rooms of various sizes in the basement, ground floor and two upper floors. The building also had a fitness centre, which was not typical at the time, and even more luxuriously, an 18-metre Roman bath-style swimming pool underground.

The ground floor served for social occasions, and the first floor was for the family. A seven-room apartment is located on the second floor. Specialties include the Louis XVI-style music parlour and the room with mirror walls and a special floor for dance lessons.


Do not miss this unique opportunity to discover the interior of this special place, which is not usually accessible.