To put this speech into context, NIC (meaning ‘NOTHING’ in English) is the name of the supportive ticket sale for events that could not take place due to the Coronavirus pandemic earlier this year; and NĚCO (meaning ‘SOMETHING’) a cultural festival, which will take place from the 26th to the 28th of September 2020 and will celebrate the return of cultural events to Prague. Any cultural organisation can take part in the NĚCO 2020 festival through the GoQut portal, provided that they offer festival goers an unconventional programme or other exclusive experience. Both the special programmes and admission prices will be fully directed by the institutions.

Among other events, festival goers can look forward to a special themed walk in the footsteps of famous characters from Prague theatre, debates with actors and playwrights, and experiential dance.

The NIC 2020 charity event to support cultural institutions and artistic groups in April was a huge success and proved that members and supporters of the Czech cultural scene can support each other in times of crisis. Although originally intended to help Prague culture, it had soon reached outside the city. 180 artistic groups and bodies from 22 cities took part, and over CZK 3 million was raised.

NĚCO 2020 continues the successful April event to support culture, this time with a real programme