The Prague Exhibition Grounds (‘Výstaviště Praha’) in Holešovice district in Prague 7 are used for exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events, and it is also a popular place for various food and gastronomic festivals. This year, food trucks and mobile stalls offering meals and food from around the globe have been coming every Sunday since June.


Bistros on wheels

Food trucks do not offer the classics from fun fairs and festivals such as lángos, hot dogs and chips. In these mobile bistros you will find burgers made of delicious shredded pork, free-range eggs, baked sandwiches, special Belgian fries, homemade pasta, and quality Mexican burritos.

Great food is often made from high quality ingredients, and another advantage is the opportunity to see the chef preparing your meal. Unlike in most restaurants, you can even talk to them about the dish.


A place of relaxation

Markets offering craft products and designer clothes also take place on Brussels Road from time to time. The neighbourhood is not only suitable for a peaceful rest, such as a picnic on the grass, but the Exhibition Grounds also offer an outdoor gym, the largest parkour track in our country, a public barbecue area and a playground for children. In the immediate vicinity you will find the large Stromovka Park, Prague Planetarium, and Sea World Aquarium.


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