The projection screen is one of the largest in the Czech Republic and has the highest image resolution in Europe.

A trip to Venus

What new experiences Prague Planetarium has to offer? For example, thanks to the virtual reality simulator, you can become a space traveller, who teleports to distant worlds, revisiting places where humanity has already left its trace, as well exploring worlds where no human has ever been before. You can also explore the surface of the second-closest planet to the sun, Venus.

Did you know that Venus is the only planet named after a woman in the entire solar system? Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The planet is sometimes referred to as our ‘sister planet’, as it is very similar to ours in terms of size, mass, proximity to the Sun, and bulk composition.


Even more adventures

Breath-taking views of the planet Earth from outer space, as well as a walk also around the ISS space station, which is currently the only permanently inhabited space station, are other great experiences to be enjoyed. An authentic simulation of objects in zero gravity will be the cherry on top of your perfect adventure in Prague Planetarium.


Programme offer

"Furthermore, we offer a number of educational programmes, guided group tours, and lectures for everyone. Our educational programmes range from astronomy and physics to biology and geography. Our aim is to deepen students’ knowledge and give them an interest in the sciences and space,” the Planetarium’s organisers said about the programme.

Space stories for children, helping them understand our universe and its endless secrets in an entertaining way are also part of the programme, as well as numerous other experiences.


For further information, please visit: Webpage is in Czech.