Seasonal ferries will join the P1, P2 and P8 ferries that operate throughout the year from this Saturday, the 28th of March.

Despite the state of emergency, the P3, P6 and P7 ferries will run as they did last year, improving travel in Prague. For example, people in Lahovice can get the P6 to Modřany, Prague residents can also get the P7 between Karlín and Holešovice to go grocery shopping. You can also get the P3 with a bicycle instead of cycling over the Barrandov Bridge.

Ferries are a hygienic transportation method because they are not closed in and passengers can breathe in the fresh Vltava air. Sales restrictions and controls for travel documents are currently in place for all shipping lines. Due to restrictions of free movement in connection with the coronavirus, ferries in Císařská louka (planned lines P4 and P5) will not start running yet.

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