Turtle fights

You can admire Texas tortoises in the Sonora enclosure in the daytime, when they are active. They spend the coldest and warmest periods of the year in hibernation in their natural habitat. During courtship, male Texas tortoises combat by pushing each other with the front edge of their plastron – the ventral surface of the shell.


The companions of dinosaurs

Tortoises are ancient creatures that first appeared on Earth when dinosaurs roamed, 220 million years ago, and have not changed significantly since then. They have not needed to adapt, as their anatomy guarantees them a long life and the ability to survive most kinds of difficulties.

All tortoise species tend to have a shell made of an upper carapace and a lower plastron, which is attached to the skeleton.


International Turtle Day exceptionally in August

Turtles and tortoises are interesting for many other reasons than just their shell. For example, they do not have teeth, they lay eggs, and they can cope with high concentrations of lactic acid in their muscles.

On the 22nd of August, Prague Zoo will celebrate International Turtle Day, which normally takes place on the 23rd of May, but was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Come to the zoo on the 22nd of August to celebrate International Turtle Day and find out more about these exceptional animals. Nataša Velenská, the head reptile breeder, will share her expertise on them.

For further information, please visit the zoo’s website https://www.zoopraha.cz/en.