Rittstein is not only a painter, but also a draftsman, graphic artist, illustrator and professor emeritus of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. He is one of the most significant representatives from the generation of Czech artists who started working in the 1990s.

He is also one of the most sought-after Czech artists, with works in the Prague National Gallery, Paris Centre Pompidou, and Viennese Albertina. His work can also be found in many private collections across Europe and America.


Interpersonal relationships and animals

The dominant themes of his art are interpersonal relationships and animals, and he does not shy away from grotesque exaggeration, slapstick and absurdity. “I take the view that we inhabit the planet together, so neither of us should have an advantage. I personify animals and replace human figures with them, because they are interesting to me, and also in connection with stylization,” Rittstein said about his work.


Artist’s inspiration

He is inspired by simple environments, such as public transport, swimming pools, country pubs, and human dwellings. His paintings show the peace of rural areas and the atmosphere of a vibrant metropolis. Recently, he mainly captures his travel experiences, in places such as India and Mexico. The largest painting in the exhibition ‘Zalomená kukuřice’ (‘Curved Corn’ in English) was only completed a few weeks before the exhibition.


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