Show jumping is one of the seven equestrian disciplines covered by the Czech Equestrian Federation. Due to its attractiveness it is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports, which is why it is returning to Velká Chuchle after many decades.


Show jumping is back in Velká Chuchle with new facilities

“The aim of the racecourse’s new owners, Mr. & Mrs. Vítková, is to create a great equestrian centre in Velká Chuchle, which will be a meeting point for the community, and where not only horse races, but also competitions in other equestrian disciplines will take place,” Markéta Šveňková, the racecourse’s PR manager, informed the website

However, the necessary facilities for show jumping had to be constructed. Two new racing arenas were built in Velká Chuchle, with a special sand-and-geotextile surface, a viewing stand for spectators and a referee tower.

An indoor riding hall, which will be used for the preparation of horses in winter and in bad weather, is also being built in the stables, and there will also be a stable with 80 fixed boxes for horses.


Velká Chuchle Show Jumping this weekend

You can come to the first races from the 3rd to the 5th of May, when Velká Chuchle opens its gates to visitors for free! Competitions start at 9am every day and conclude around 6pm. The viewing stand will have a capacity of 200 spaces. “Not only pony riders will be at the start but big horses will also be racing and the show jumping difficulty will intensify throughout the weekend. On Sunday after lunch, the Velká Chuchle Spring Grand Prix will start. The fences will be 145cm high and the best 10 riders will advance to the final competition,” Markéta Šveňková explained the weekend programme.


Basic rules of show jumping

What does show jumping look like? Show jumping and horse racing are two different worlds which do not compete with each other. However, they both have strict rules. In the case of show jumping, the horse and rider must pass through the obstacle course with as few errors as possible, as quickly as they can. Show jumpers are penalised for dropping the barrier, that is failing to complete the jump properly, stopping when the horse refuses to jump, and the fall of the rider, horse or both. The winner is the rider with the lowest number of penalty points.


Do not miss this attractive novelty and head to Velká Chuchle with all your family and friends. You definitely won’t regret it!



From the 3rd to the 5th of May



Venue: Velká Chuchle Racecourse

Radotínská 69/34, Prague - Velká Chuchle


Admission is free this weekend


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