2019 theme

This year, the campaign will be focused on safe walking and cycling. City dwellers will discover the benefits for our health, the environment and, of course, for our finances throughout the week. Walking is free and a natural transportation method.

Of course, active modes of transport do not create emissions and help keep people fit. According to research, a 25-minute brisk walk a day can add up to seven years to your life.

In addition, cities that promote walking and cycling over driving are more beautiful, have fewer traffic problems and have a higher quality of life.


European Mobility Week in Prague

You will be able to try out a number of events and accompanying activities in various places in the Czech capital throughout the week. Remember Car Free Day on Saturday, the 21st of September, which will take place in Mariánské Square, Kbely, Dolní Měcholupy and Újezd ​​u Průhonic.

The programme also features film screenings, a Reading on the Train programme, a discussion on micro-mobility, a How to Drive through Prague on a Bike course, Traffic Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists, and much more.


Further information can be found at: https://etm.praha.eu/. The webpage is in Czech.