Current offer and film archive

Films on this platform have been carefully selected so that viewers can expect unique films with high social and aesthetic value. In addition to significant current films, an archive of key documentaries from the past is also available on


Caught in the Net

One of the must-see documentaries is the successful film ‘Caught in the Net’ (‘V síti’) by Vít Klusák and Barbora Chalupová. The film that deals with issues of the online sexual abuse of minors has become the film of the year and the most viewed Czech documentary of all time.


Jiří Menzel

One of the most acclaimed titles of the 1960s, ‘Closely Watched Trains’ (‘Ostře sledované vlaky’), which won the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film in 1968, is also available online, along with other successful films by the recently deceased director Jiří Menzel, such as ‘Capricious Summer’ (‘Rozmarné léto’), ‘The Snowdrop Festival’ (‘Slavnosti sněženek’), ‘Cutting it Short’ (‘Postřižiny’) and ‘Seclusion near the Forest’ (‘Na samotě u lesa’)..


Special selections

DAFilms also offers thematical selections. If you believe in the power of the universe and dream of backpacking through the stars, then be sure to check out the selection ‘The Future is in the Stars’.

The future is in the stars in the visually captivating film ‘Cielo’, shot by director Alison McAlpine in the Atacama Desert and the Andes. In the film, the starry sky becomes and inspiration for contemplating many Earthly problems.

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