Eva Erbsová, who was born and lives in Prague, masters various art techniques, including oil painting, painting on glass and textiles, and drypoint and linocut printing. She also enjoys working with wood. The painter has already had several solo exhibitions in various locations, such as Prague City Hall buildings and the Czech Police Museum, and her art can be found in both private and public collections.

At this year's exhibition, Erbsová presents line drawings and watercolour paintings of cars, locomotives, projectors, astronomical telescopes and other exhibits in the museum, which were created when she was a student at the art grammar school in Prague 3 – Žižkov. During the summer holidays in 1995, the young painter was interested in a summer job in the National Technical Museum building in Letná. Exhibits in the museum were her inspiration for the whole collection, which she selected paintings from for the Škoda Palace exhibition.

The exhibition is open throughout the month of July during Prague City Hall’s office hours.