Riegerovy sady is a natural space in Prague city centre that is over one hundred years old. Former vineyards, today’s Riegrovy sady offer lawns with beautiful views of Prague, mature trees, sports fields and monuments, and remains of the original buildings: a watchtower from the 1920s, which has been transformed into a restaurant, and a three-sided sandstone obelisk from about 1840.

Music tradition dating back to the First Republic

Music has been played in the park since its foundation. Šretrova Restaurant, which was completed in 1933, was once the music centre, with a music pavilion and a large dance floor, where dancers used to dance on roller skates. Prague residents had been meeting here for decades, but recently it has been neglected. The current beer garden PARK Riegrovy sady continues the music tradition, with a capacity of up to 1,400 people.


Mládek and Mirai will take part

Summer 2020 in Riegrovy sady will be filled with Czech popular music. According to the operators, many popular musicians and bands have agreed to play in the beer garden as no major festivals are taking place this year. Therefore, the series of summer concerts in Riegrovy sady is a truly unique opportunity to enjoy performances of some popular Czech musicians in this venue.

Further information can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/PARK-Riegrovy-sady-103673224674305/. Webpage is in Czech.