The exhibition will include authentic shots of famous Czech personalities, photos from music events and from the sporting world, and more. However, Jovan Dezort does not only take photos of celebrities, but also captures the ordinary lives of people in Prague. The main part of the exhibition shows fascinating scenes of life in Prague, taken in specific situations and events which bear witness to these events and the people that took part in them.

“Prague is dominant among the selected photos, but there are also pictures from Vietnam and Moscow that are not as ideological,” Kateřina Bečková, the exhibition curator, said.


A swift photographer

Jovan Dezort, a Brno native, has been a photographer since his days as a student at the Secondary Graphic School on Hellichova Street in Prague. Immediate, close and natural representations of people’s lives are characteristic of his work.

Dezort’s work often took him abroad. As part of his work for the Czech News Agency, he documented the Vietnam War, as well as the Chinese Cultural Revolution, among other events. His work gained numerous awards and recognition in domestic and international competitions. He won a prize at the World Press Photo in Hague in 1970, and he was awarded the main prize in a global competition by the International Organization of Journalists calling for Peace in Vietnam in 1973.


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