The culture tram will mainly run on the number 9 line and although it will be part of everyday traffic, people will immediately recognise it. The outside is decorated with the 1908 painting ‘View of Prague from Ládví’ by the Czech impressionist painter Antonín Slavíček. Eighteen important Czech figures are portrayed on the windows as if they were passengers looking out from the tram. Karel Čapek, EmaDestinová and Antonín Dvořák are among them. Thanks to QR codes located on the tram, passengers can learn a lot of interesting information about these figures and discover what places they are connected with in Prague.

The first live event on the tram will take place in the last weekend in June, when the ‘Praha žije hudbou’ festival will be held.

Further information about the culture tram and the ‘Jedeme za kulturou’ project can be found at: The webpage is in Czech.