Exhibitions of sculptures have been held in Troja Château and its gardens for several years. Sculptures fit nicely with the richly decorated interiors and baroque gardens. The same is also true for the current exhibition. Jiří Kačer and Aleš Hnízdil chose completely different ways and materials for their art works, but perhaps that is why their works and their differences complete one another in interesting ways.


Stone and wires

“Both artists belong to the same generation that began in the 1980s. Their work, however, differs both in material and in the way of thinking about matter, space and the artistic mission of their work,” Magdalena Juříková, the curator of the exhibition, says.

While Hnízdil works with vertical ephemeral forms of abstract wire construction with kinetic details, Kačer prefers stone on both large and small scale, with a graphic structure on the surface of the blocks.


If you plan a trip to Troja, do not hesitate to visit this interesting current exhibition.


Hnízdil, Kačer and ‘U Řečických’ Gallery

Both artists were part of a group of young people who openly criticised the practices of the Czech Fine Artists’ Union and the Czech Fine Arts Fund in the late 80s, eventually leading to the reopening of the U Řečických Gallery, the first platform which gave space to emerging artists, without any censorship and did not interfere with their production. It eventually became a unique laboratory of topical opinions, their encounters, and cultivated the artistic orientation of this generation.


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