Members of the public were granted access to the shelter in 2014. It now opens once a month, giving you the opportunity to explore the labyrinth of tunnels, as well as technical equipment. Tours of Folimanka Shelter are free of charge.

Covering 1332 m² and with a capacity of 1,300 people, it is one of the ten biggest shelters in Prague. Built during the 1950s and 1960s in Pod Karlovem Street, it is about 20 metres underground, and the lowest point is approximately 25 meters underground. The shelter is equipped with armoured doors, water wells and a 32kW electrical generator. It is lit, heated and oxygenated, and it is kept in a well-maintained operational state. The temperature is a constant 18°C throughout the year.

The main entrance to the shelter is across the street from 2, Pod Karlovem Street, Prague 2. The nearest tram stations are ‘Pod Karlovem’ and ‘Nuselské schody’ (lines no. 6 and 11). Almost the entire shelter is wheelchair accessible.

Entrance is free of charge. For further information, please visit: