Zauschneria enchants with its luminous colour

In the outdoor flowerbed, the California fuchsia proudly displays its bright red-orange blooms. It grows on dry rocks in mountainous areas and in sandy places in coniferous forests in California. This beautiful flower is also known as Zauschneria, named after the Prague botanist and professor of medicine, Johann B. J. Zauschner (1737 - 1799).


Healing redstem filaree

The fragile redstem filaree with purple flowers is also magical at this time of year. This undemanding plant, which fills any garden with colour, is quite widespread in the Czech Republic. It is also used for medicinal purposes for its astringent and blood-clotting effects.


European Michaelmas daisy

Another plant that boasts beautiful and abundant blooms during this season is the European Michaelmas daisy. These autumn perennials bloom tirelessly until the first frosts.



One of the most popular garden flowers are zinnias. This perennial flower blooms in a wide variety of colours, except for blue.

The plant comes from Central America and was imported to Europe at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Those perennial flowers were formerly used to dye wool and fabrics by hand. They still can be used for this today, but only from freshly picked flowers as the plant loses its colour as it dries.


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