Pole dancing appears to be a very demanding physical sport. However, it is suitable for everyone, regardless age, sex, weight and previous physical experience. This may seem surprising, but it is a fact. As soon as you become entranced with the magic of the sport, you will be surprised by your strengths and capabilities.


Striking stunts and fun

The competition has a long tradition both in the Czech Republic and abroad. In every round, two contestants compete, trying to impress a professional jury, dancing to randomly selected music within a time limit. The criteria for success are technical execution, difficulty, completion of compulsory elements, and improvisation.

In other pole dancing competitions, the time limit is four minutes. In Pole Battle League, there is a break in the middle of the performance for competitors to regain their energy for the next acrobatic stunts.

The qualifiers will begin in the morning, and the best six competitors will advance to the finals in the afternoon.


Show that will please everyone

During breaks, you will be able to walk through stands selling specialised clothes for pole dance, yoga and fitness, located in the lobby above the auditorium. And those interested in trying pole dancing be able to do so in the lobby of the sports hall.


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