Not only its delicious coffee, but also its rich cultural programme and retro 70s interior attract visitors to the now legendary Café V lese, which has been on Krymská Street since the beginning of Vršovice district’s resurrection.

Ondřej Kobza, the owner of the café, named it after a cottage in the woods (‘V lese’ in Czech), where he enjoys picnicking and sipping tea. There is a gallery and a music club with an underground atmosphere in the basement. On the 8th of August 2019, the talented musician Cat Clyde will perform there.


Cat Clyde

The singer comes from Stratford, Ontario, Canada. She will surprise you with a new approach to classical folk from recent years, and with her velvet voice, piano and slide guitar. Her inspirations and idols include American rhythm and blues singer Etta James, and American blues and rock singer Janis Joplin.

The singer released a new album, ‘Hunters Trance’, and a video for the song ‘So Cold’ a few days ago. She will also introduce songs from her latest album during her Prague concert.

In addition to a great concert, there will also be a good coffee, beer, wine and a wide selection of whiskey and rum. Do not hesitate to visit the alternative club and bar Café V lese.


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