The National Gallery has an extensive collection of medieval art. The current exhibition focuses both on works created in Czech lands at the time, and those made in Central Europe, particularly the Franks, Austria and Saxony, with work by Hans Pleydenwurff, Albrecht Altdorfer, Hans Hesse and Lucas Cranach the Elder.

The guided tours on the 18th of December will be dedicated to works selected from these collections that are related to Christmas and classical Christmas-related motifs.


Beautiful Madonnas

‘Beautiful Madonna’ is the name of another exhibition in the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia that takes place from the 6th of December. The ‘beautiful style and ‘soft style’ are other names for the International Gothic style, typical of Europe from around the year 1400. The exhibition displays about twenty key artworks in the beautiful style of Salzburg. In Prague and Bohemia, statues were made from fine limestone. However, due to a lack of this natural material in and around Salzburg, an artificial material made of local ground limestone is characteristic of Madonnas and Pietàs in the soft style from Salzburg.


The exhibition gives an opportunity to compare the Salzburg works with those from the Czech lands. And the exhibition of statues of the Madonna with baby Jesus is an ideal exhibition for Christmas time.


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