About Pyroterra

Pyroterra is an artistic group that was established in 2006 and now has 11 permanent members. Their performances combine juggling and gymnastics with modern music and dance styles. They connect fire, fireworks and special lighting with either a story or music, metal or electronic.

They aim to stun their audience and create a unique atmosphere, all while pushing the boundaries of what is possible. You can witness their limits-breaking performance at the Prague Exhibition Grounds.


Even more performances and effects

There are also performances by an art company called AirGym to look forward to, with their astonishing gymnastics at terrific heights, as well as a magical laser show performed by Laserman CZ, another persona working with rays of light.


Lots to see and do

“There is more than just our spectacular show. There will be an accompanying programme with refreshments and an open summer scene around ​​Křižík’s Fountain. There are lots of activities at Prague Exhibition Grounds. Whether you are waiting for a show to start or are planning a relaxed afternoon, you will not be bored,” Marek Solnička, from the Pyroterra art group, attracts visitors to the event.

Experience a time after coronavirus with the Artistic Reset! It will be worth it.

Further information can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/264669381451330/?active_tab=discussion