Tastes and aromas from all over the world

As in previous years, festival goers can enjoy various tastes from all over the world in Karlínské Square. Clyde´s Jamaican Kitchen will exude the pleasant scent of Caribbean cuisine, while Warung Indonesia’s chefs will offer Asian specialties.

Virunga, a Czech-Ugandan food project offering fresh fruit directly from Africa, will certainly be one of the most sought-after retailers. The all-time classics like burgers from Podes, Belgian fries from Big Fries, and sweet muffins and strudel, will not be missed on the festival’s food offer.


The Balkans, Spain and folk

However, there is more than just food at the Karlín Family Festival. Visitors will be able to enjoy music by the Circus Brothers group, who will fill the venue with their Balkan tunes. After several cancelled festivals this year, audiences will finally get to hear their hot combination of Balkan brass band, disco beat, pop and house. Atarés will play Latin American music, which will make the whole of Karlín dance to the rhythms of tango and samba, but also to less typical jazz, funk, and reggae. Elias the Shepherds, an acoustic music group playing ‘fresh-folk’, will play their hit ‘Let Me Be Free’.


Workshops for the youngest visitors

In addition to great food and music, children will be able to take part in workshops, where they will learn to bake gingerbread and have their faces painted. The festival intends to make their return to school a little easier.