Conifers are one of Troja Botanical Garden’s most important collections. The collection is designed as a cross-section with the purpose of creating as complete a collection of plants of all genera, and even species, as possible. Among the conifers in the garden, both common and rare specimens can be found, many of them from tropical and subtropical climates.

A path runs through the garden with signs displaying photographs and interesting facts about conifers. Visitors to the outdoor exhibition cannot overlook two specimens of the giant sequoia (‘Sequoiadendron giganteum’) grown since the 1970s. Cypress and cedar trees are also an interesting part of the collection, where the Himalayan cedar (‘Cedrus deodara’), stands out.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see a collection of rare cones and cross-sections of trunks, including both the largest cone and the heaviest cone in the exhibition greenhouse in the north of the garden.

Jaroslav Němeček, the author of the ‘Čtyřlístek’ comic books, created eight comics for the exhibition, along with a special edition about Prague Botanical Garden. Young visitors will not only learn about conifers, but also have fun in the garden.

Opening times, admission and other information can be found at Prague Botanical Garden’s website: