Beginnings of Simone’s singing career

Eunice Kathleen Waymon, performing under the stage name Nina Simone (1933 - 2003), is to this day known by the nickname the High Priestess of Soul. Native of Tryon, North Carolina, she comes from a Christian family. Ever since her childhood days, she was passionate about singing; her first performances took place in the church choir. Since the age of five, she also played the piano, which she later studied at Julliard School in New York. Her big dream was to the first black piano virtuoso.

At the beginning of her career, she was playing at Atlantic City nightclubs, mostly jazz, blues and folk music. It wasn't long before a bar owner requested that she sing too. Gradually, instead of a renowned pianist, Simone became a renowned singer.


Uncompromising, extravagant, original

Nina Simone was, among other things, a determined civil rights activist. Her voice could be described as uncompromising, extravagant, emotional, and original. Her voice range was also extraordinary - it fluctuated between alto and tenor, with an extraordinary colour. Therefore, it is no wonder that she always managed to captivate her audience during her live performance. A testament to her popularity is the fact that she has sold over a million records. She recorded over forty albums in total, most of which were issued between the years 1958 - 1974.


When Tereza Krippnerová sings Nina Simone…

Nina Simone's greatest hits at the Reduta Jazz Club will be sung by Tereza Krippnerová, the Czech actress, singer and presenter, who has performed ever since the year 2017 with the band The Masters.