‘Slamák’ festival will take place for the first time in the Czech Republic. It will offer treats such as gastronomic specialities from local suppliers and street art. The festival organisers took their inspiration from similar events abroad, and particularly from England, where festival goers enjoy intimate performances at certain festivals.


Concerts, theatre and conversation

The event will be divided into several zones where special programmes will take place. ‘Stodola’ (‘The Barn’) will offer visitors acoustic concerts with Anka Slováčková and Milan Peroutka, theatre, and stand-up shows. Street artists will perform in the ‘Busking Zone’; and the ‘Pigy Selátkov’ children's corner will offer children's stars, including magicians, dancers and actors.

For all inquisitive souls there is also ‘Krmelec’ (‘Feeding-Rack’) where lectures will be given by experts in the field of nutrition and alternative foods.


Fine food and drink

Slamák festival is a place where you can taste lot of good food, such as burgers, hot dogs, and other meats from renowned butchers who do not use any chemicals – animals are bred naturally without antibiotics and hormones. There will also be delicious pastries from the artisan Koláček's family bakery, specialising in baking 100% rye bread…

You can quench your thirst with new flavours of beer from the Zichovec family craft brewery, or with premium lemonade Bohemsca, produced without preservatives and substitutes.


For further information, please visit: https://www.botanicka.cz/en.