In his work, multi-media artist Richard Janeček explores the possibilities and absurdities of technological development. In his current exhibition he uses artificial intelligence, which is becoming more and more an integral part of our lives.


Richard Janeček

The Czech artist’s work is based on theories of photography. For a long time, he has researched the image and his work often goes beyond photography into the field of virtual culture, focusing on both artificial intelligence and 3D modelling.


AI – artificial intelligence

Corporations currently compete to invest large amounts of money in the exploration of artificial intelligence.

We are not able to name artificial intelligence precisely, and it has begun to get out of our control. The possibility of rewriting the original input algorithms used to create and operate AI is declining at the same speed that more and more data is being inputted into it.

“As we try to control AI, it slowly starts controlling us. For example, when the virtual assistant on the other side of the phone reads out unpaid gas bills, we don’t always find out straight away that we are speaking to a machine, a mathematical formula, something inanimate. Similarly, when AI takes our behaviour patterns and starts speaking like a racist person,” the artist explains.

However, Richard Janeček has a humane view of this artificial form of thinking, which lives alongside us, in his unmissable exhibition.


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