Festival programme

The film ‘Glenn Murcutt: The Spirit of Place’ will introduce the journey of Glenn Murcutt, one of the most acknowledged Australian architects and the Pritzker Prize laureate, which is architecture’s equivalent to the Nobel Prize.

Another interesting film is ‘The Lost Architect Ernst Wiesner’, the dramatic story following the distinguished architect of Czechoslovakian origins, a disciple of Adolf Loose, who influenced world architecture.

The documentary about Eva Jiřičná portrays a woman both fragile and strong in her work and in her personal journey as a female architect who accomplished great success both at home and abroad.

‘Gray Matters’ introduces the Irish designer and architect Eileen Gray, whose futuristic furniture has been greatly admired by architects up to this day.

‘City Dreamers’ is an inspiring documentary about four significant female architects of the 20th century, Phyllis Lambert, Denise Scott Brown, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander and Blanche Lemco van Ginkel, and their innovative view on the role of architecture and a city where the power of a community and a neighbourhood surpasses the importance of individual buildings.


Music featuring architecture

A significant element of the festival will be a programme focusing on architecture in music videos. Apart from lectures, Peter Adjay, the musician and brother of the world-renowned architect of Ghanaian origin David Adjay, will join the festival online to introduce their joint project Music4Architecture and the album ‘Dialogues’, which includes ten songs, some of which are designed to be listened to in David Adjay’s buildings.

For further information and the festival programme, please visit: http://filmarchitektura.cz/en/.