A ticket for better times

Prague Zoo has never been closed for so long. The current closure further complicates the situation after the zoo was closed for 45 days in the spring. To mitigate the effects of this challenging time, the project ‘Tickets for Better Times’ (‘Vstupenky na lepší časy’) has been established.

A one-time ticket can be purchased from an online shop that was especially created for this event. There are four types of prices: CZK 500, CZK 1,000, CZK 5,000 and CZK 10,000. The tickets will be valid until the end of the year 2021, helping both employees and animals of the zoo to overcome these challenging times.

The zoo will publish a ranking of the ticketholders and the zoo director Miroslav Bobek will personally give a guided tour to the ten most generous benefactors


Fruit collection

However, there are also ways to help the zoo that do not cost money. For example, you can collect various fruits, vegetables and seeds, including apples, pears, rowans, chokeberry, rosehips, pumpkins, curls, acorns and chestnuts for the animals. They will surely appreciate your help. You can bring them to one of the two collection points in the zoo in Troja – there is one at the main entrance and the second is at the service entrance on Pod Hrachovkou Street.

Alternatively, you can bring dry baked products, such as bread, buns, rolls and baguettes. However, the zoo asks you to not bring sweet pastries nor bread sprinkled with coarse salt. Walnuts cannot be accepted.

And when picking fruit, do not forget the wildlife surrounding you!