About the artist

Eva Jaroňová grew up in Wallachia. After obtaining her degree in Art Education in Olomouc, she moved to Brno and studied at the Environment Studio in the Fine Arts Faculty in Brno. She also completed an exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and an internship at the Icelandic Academy of Arts in Reykjavik.

In her work, she specialises mainly on book and magazine illustration, painting and music, and more recently on textile design. Her works are exhibited regularly throughout the Czech Republic.


Too hot summer theme

The TOO HOT exhibition is a selection of both old and new drawings and prints, filled with black humour and obscenity. The central character is a little girl, often eaten by snakes, birds or bats. Other figures, some without identifiable sex, other with both male and female genitalia, watering crops with their own blood, gradually join the girl in these nightmare visions.

Everything is struck by suffocating and sticky heat, the characters have blurry faces or unclear contours, and everything is burned. According to the curator Eva Riebová, it is ironic that the works dealing with the theme of summer heat are installed in the gallery’s attic, where the smallest drops of rain seep through the ceiling.


Live stream opening

Instead of the traditional opening ceremony, the exhibition was launched with a live stream, which is available on the MeetFactory’s Facebook profile. However, visitors will not miss the opportunity to meet with the artist and the curator, as an art soirée will take place in the MeetFactory on Thursday, the 13th of August. The evening’s programme will include a talk with Eva Jaroňová and open studios with the Artists-in-Residence.

For further information, please visit: http://www.meetfactory.cz/en/.