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  • Aug 28, 2020 Conclude your summer holidays at the Karlín family festival
    Karlínské Square will be full of children on the 30th of August for the family festival that will take place there, offering children’s attractions, good food and cultural activities.

    As part of the Karlín Family Festival, farmers will offer their products in stalls, children can take part in workshops and the whole family can enjoy musical performances. The Karlín Family Festival is a simple and ideal way to conclude summer in Prague.
  • Aug 17, 2020 Swiss DJ returns to Roxy Dance Club
    On the night of the 21st of August, Nora En Pure, a talented DJ, will show her mixing skills at the Roxy Music Club. The artist regularly returns to the Czech capital and Prague audiences love her.

    Nora En Pure was born as Daniela Di Lillo in Johannesburg in 1990, to South African-Swiss parents. She grew up in Zurich, where she learnt to play various instruments from a young age.
    Nora and electronic music
  • Aug 14, 2020 12th annual international tea festival
    Čajomír Fest, the international tea festival, will once again offer two days of tea tastings, great food and drink, music, dancing, a children’s zone and a tea school. You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the festival over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of August in the beautiful surroundings of Vyšehrad.
  • Aug 10, 2020 Barrel-organists meet at the Czech Museum of Music
    The 7th annual barrel-organ music festival, ‘Flašinet žije’, will take place in the historic heart of Prague on the 11th of August. Street artists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia will bring music and energy to three venues in the city centre.

    The barrel-organ music festival will commence at 10am with a concert in the church of St. Nicholas in the Old Town square. The beautiful baroque church will witness a barrel-organ performance of popular classical music pieces.
  • Aug 6, 2020 25th International Organ Festival
    The 25th International Organ Festival will take place from the 6th of August to the 24th of September in the Basilica of St. James the Greater in Prague’s Old Town. Festival goers will have the opportunity to enjoy solo organ recitals by leading Czech and international organists.
  • Aug 5, 2020 Latin American festival brings Prague to life
    The 5th annual Sabor Latino Festival, a vibrant celebration of Latin American music, craft, food and drink, will take place from the 6th to the 9th of August in Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky) in Prague.
  • Aug 4, 2020 Music and dancing in Café Na půl cesty’s outdoor concerts
    The well-known training Café Na půl cesty in Pankrác in Prague regularly holds interesting outdoor events, including a series of outdoor concert during the summer holidays.
  • Jul 30, 2020 Sail on a historic boat on the Vltava River
    The residents of Prague will have the opportunity to sail down the Vltava River in a replica of a traditional boat called a ‘šíf’. It is a large wooden boat, similar to a barge, which has been used to transport cargo including stones, sand, salt, grain and beer for centuries. This particular ‘šíf’ was built two years ago with support from Vltavan Čechy, a union which connects Vltava River associations from Prague, Davle, Štěchovice and Purkarec.
  • Jul 30, 2020 Conifers in Prague Botanical Garden
    Summer 2020 in Prague Botanical Garden is dedicated to conifers. Araucaria, Podocarpus, and Agathis (commonly known as kauri or dammara) are not the names of mythical animals, but of conifers that the garden will introduce as part of an exhibition that will take place until the end of August. Children will have the opportunity to learn all about conifers with characters from ‘Čtyřlístek’, popular Czech comic books for children.
  • Jul 30, 2020 Seafood & Prosecco at Malostranské Market
    Whether you want to shop, eat or meet up with friends, Malostranské náměstí (Lesser Town Square) is the place to go on Thursday, the 30th of July. A popular farmers’ market will take place on the busy square in the heart of the Czech capital, with a special offer on seafood and Prosecco. Thankfully, the popular market is not overly affected by restrictions, so you can freely enjoy shopping and socialising.
Total count: more than 120
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