“We hope the online celebrations for International Dance Day will have the same variety and quality as previous years, and that it will provide you with an original cultural experience,” Alexandra Šebestová, from the event organiser Art 4 People, said.


What can you look forward to?

Dance fans will not be disappointed, as the programme will be full of dance performances, workshops, and ballet training with ballet masters and directors of professional dance ensembles. An evening gala performance and dance party will conclude the event.


Flash Mob kicks things off

‘Make your home and the internet dance with us!’ is the online Flash Mob motto. This year, Flash Mob choreographer is Dominik Vodička, Prague Chamber Ballet soloist, StarDance winner and Thalia Award winner.

What is an online Flash Mob? Fans made videos based on Vodička’s choreography, which became part of the content. You will be able to watch the Flash Mob online on the 29th of April.


DJ to conclude the festival                                

“We are delighted to welcome Jiří Jelínek, former first soloist from the National Theatre and other major world ensembles, to the celebration! However, he will present himself in a new role here, as DJ Baleťák, who will liven up the after-party after the evening dance gala,” the event organisers said, attracting dance lovers to join the show.


The International Theatre Institute established International Dance Day to commemorate Jean-Georges Noverrea, a great reformer of dance from France, born on the 29th of April. It celebrates dance as a universal art, which overcomes political, cultural and ethnic barriers and connects people.



For further information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/532187280646372/permalink/782185855646512/.