Bolivian Independence Day will be celebrated on the first day of the festival, with concerts by the bands Encuentro, Música Étnica, and the popular Bohemia Andina, which will play music from the Andes region. Festival goers will dance to the traditional rhythms of tinku, taquirari, tonada, salaque, sanjuanito, huayno and chacarera.

Over the following days, you will be able to enjoy dances including Mexican mariachi played by Mariachi Azteca de Praga; cumbia played by the band Cumbia Cooperativa; and salsa and bachata with volunteers from Dance4water. The salsa band Latin Soul’s concert will also offer bachata, bolero, cha-cha, rumba and other dances. The programme also includes dance workshops.

Those interested in traditional crafts, such as clothes, fabrics, jewellery, home accessories, and talismans, including a dream catcher, will also be satisfied. Traditional Latin-American drinks, from Cuban cocktails to Peruvian chicha corn brandy, will be served, and selected Latin-American restaurants will introduce their food.

The festival is suitable for the whole family, including a children’s corner.

The entire event is free of charge, including free workshops.

Information about the festival programme can be found on the event‘s Facebook page Webpage is In Czech.