The biggest illustration show in the Czech Republic regularly introduces young artists both from the Czech Republic and abroad, offering the only opportunity to see the best and latest contemporary illustration all in one place in Prague.

The organisers explain that artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries will introduce their works in individual installations, where their illustrations will open windows to other dimensions.


Festival goals

“The festival’s aim is to provide illustrators with a platform for passing on their experience, to train them in new creative techniques, facilitate workshops with professionals from abroad, and show that illustration as an art form also has its place in the commercial sphere,” the organisers say.


Three sections

This year, the festival is coming up with brand new conception of its exhibitions. The showcase will consist of three units: ‘100 Years of Devětsil’, ‘Manifesto 2020’, and a free showcase of young artists without a common theme who exhibit their work at LUSTR for the first time.


Free illustrations and comics

The individual show will be divided into two genre sections, free illustration and comics. For the first time, the festival is also open to authors focused exclusively on comics.

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