It’s about interpretation

The exhibition curators explain some of the main themes: “Texts, history, ideologies and cultures, but also our experiences, anxiety and vision – this is all primarily a matter of interpretation.”


From tarot to politics

The ‘Manifesto of the Interpretative Class’ (‘Manifest interpretativní třídy’) exhibition is therefore dedicated to those who interpret the world around them and the artists are making a statement about this considerably unstable social class. It examines the meaning of social class as well as its political implications, while focusing on phenomena such as tarot, games, medicine, architecture and mutual care.


Smichov’s past

Ondřej Vicena's ‘Inwald’ also begins on the 27th of November. The exhibition focuses on the history of the Smíchov district in Prague, and principally the Inwald glass factory, which stood in the area where MeetFactory is today. Built by Josef Inwald in 1878, it was the largest glassworks and refinery in Prague.

After 1945 it became a part of the famous Škoda car manufacturer. Glass was produced there until 1989, when the factory buildings were torn down one by one due to the construction of the Zlíchovský tunnel. The only building that was left standing is the current MeetFactory.


Giant chandelier

Ondřej Vicena is a visual artist and designer, who is interested in old manufacturing processes. He plays with world-famous brands and breathes life into them. Fragile glass is replaced by plastic, a material that characterises our time, in his exhibition. A giant chandelier, which dominates the Kostka Gallery, will be created from thousands of Inwald bottles. Visitors will be able to take the glasses home, and glass bottles designed by Vicena will be for sale.


About MeetFactory

MeetFactory is a non-profit international centre for contemporary art founded by artist David Černý in 2001. After being relocated from Holešovice in Prague, the centre was moved to the former glassworks’ industrial site, located between the highway and the railway line in Smíchov.

MeetFactory is dedicated to innovative projects in the fields of fine arts, theatre and music.


Both exhibitions will be open until the 26th of January 2020.

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