Café Na půl cesty (Halfway Café) offers a friendly environment, quality snacks, and a rich cultural programme. During the day, it is filled with the pleasant smell of fair-trade coffee and is transformed into a club atmosphere in the evenings. Its terrace, which gradually opens up to a park, is perfectly suited for such events. At the same time, it is an important place for people with mental illnesses, and particularly for those with schizophrenia, to get job training. The training is part of the social rehabilitation for people with mental illnesses, and it helps them to improve their skills such as work planning and organisation, concentration and communication.


Tra-la's vibrant concert

On the 5th of August, the band Tra-la will give an open-air concert in the café. Tra-la is a band that draws inspiration from folk music from the Carpathians to the Iberian Peninsula.

Their rhythmic, lively, and a little exotic, Balkan music and Sephardic songs will certainly make you dance. Instead of an admission fee, there will be a voluntary donation.


Pharamis and Helado Infinito concert

Two days later, on the 7th of August, two more great bands will perform. The members of Pharamis describe themselves as “a pulsating group of uncontrolled individuals”. You can lose control with them and get carried away with their wild electro-pop sound.

The Argentine-Chilian duo Helado Infinito sings unique songs about relationships, love and travel, and their mixture of pop, folk, hip-hop and electronic sounds will make everyone get up and dance.


Desafinado duo

A guitarist from Sicily and a singer from Moldova will bring an international touch and the hot rhythms of rockabilly, which is one of the oldest styles of rock and roll music. Jazz, blues and bossa-nova music are also part of their repertoire.