The 10-minute projection mapping show accompanied by music will, of course, be about Prague. However, it will not deal with Prague as a city full of buildings, but with Prague as a place made up of people.Prague will be portrayed as a modern city that is friendly and open to those living in it, as well as to visitors.

The unique show will replace the usual New Year's fireworks, which have often been criticised as unsuitable both for the environment and for the residents of Prague. Prague city councillors have found a suitable alternative with the projection mapping that will be accompanied by music and spoken word. The advantages for the audience are the option of choosing the time that suits them and that they can welcome the New Year in the heart of the city centre, where fireworks would not be suitable.

The show will be divided into seven images, each depicting Prague differently, but all connected by the common theme of Prague as a story of the people who live, work, create, study, relax, have fun, raise children, grow up, and grow old in the city. And it is not only the story of human beings, but also of nature, which is an integral part of the city. It is the story of all life in Prague. So, the name “MY, PRAHA” means that we are Prague and Prague is us.

And since Prague is ‘us’ – all who live in the city – the message of the New Year's projection mapping is: Prague’s future is what we will be. We are Prague.

And since it is a New Year’s celebration, you can look forward to colour, imagination, happiness, hope, and above all, a positive and joyful welcome to the New Year 2020.