The Open Gardens Weekend event, founded in the UK in 1998, takes place on the weekend of the second of June. During the weekend, gardens which are not usually accessible to the public open to visitors and offer a lot of unique experiences.

In the Czech Republic, in addition to normally inaccessible gardens, parks and public gardens also get involved by introducing themselves to the public in a special way and organising various accompanying programmes.


Troja Château Gardens

In Troja, apart from the château’s beautiful gardens, you can join in other activities, learn about the new Bio Troja project and admire ‘Colorbond’, Jan Kovářík’s new exhibition.


Introduction to beetle architecture

“During Saturday's permaculture workshop, for all ages, you will learn how humans and insects can coexist in urban and rural areas.  You can also learn easy methods to make a house for our many-legged friends. You can take your beetle hotel home or place it in Troja Château Gardens,” the event organisers said.

The necessary construction materials are natural and free, and experts will help you create a suitable design for earwigs, bumblebees, Megachile lagopoda bees, centipedes and millipedes, which they would find cosy. You can also listen to the sounds of different insects.

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