‘INDIE-INDIA’ is organised by the same creative team that have been organising the ‘Bollywood Film Festival’ in Prague over the past 18 years. “Most viewers perceive all Indian cinematography as only Bollywood, and often as something exotic,” Radim Špaček, the new festival’s art director, said. “That is why we decided to offer viewers the opportunity to get to know films that really reflect current Indian society, while also demonstrating their artistic quality.”Špaček added.


4 films from 4 parts of India

Four films from four parts of India will be showed over the course of two days. Ordinary people in difficult life situations are the link between the films. Apart from strong stories, the films will show nature in the Himalayas and the Gujarati Desert.

‘Chuskit’, a family film inspired by true events, will open the festival. The film narrates the story of Chuskit, a joyous and strong girl from a small Himalayan village, whose dream of going to school is cut short when she becomes partly paralyzed after a car accident.

The second film, ‘Aamis’ (‘Ravening’) is a horror film focusing on the forbidden love between a married paediatrician, Nirvali, and a young history student, Sumon.



The festival will also show the drama ‘Half Widow’, which narrates the story of two newlyweds whose love story is affected by the Kashmir conflict.

The drama ‘Hellaro’ (‘The Outburst’) will conclude the festival. The film is set in the 1970s in a remote village in the Gujarati desert, where women live in a subordinate position to men, and whose single pastime – dancing – has been forbidden for generations. The film won the Best Feature Film Award at the 66th Indian National Film Awards 2019.


Traditional Indian food and tea will be part of the festival.


More information can be found at: http://www.kinopilotu.cz/. The webpage is in Czech.