“Enjoy Thoughtfully” is Planet Fest’s motto for this year, and you will encounter many ways to fulfil it. The main idea to take away from the festival is the value of thinking about how everyone's life affects others on this planet.

“Our event introduces a wide range of options that each of us can choose daily in order to lead a more considerate lifestyle, whether it’s slow cosmetics or slow fashion that leads us to thinking more about real quality and limiting waste, which are the overall principles of Zero Waste.

The festival offers visitors the opportunity to explore lots of new products, try them, and then decide which ones make sense for whom,” Iva Linda Maruščáková, Head Organiser of Planet Fest, said.


Eco and Vegan Market

Don’t forget to bring shopping bags with you for the large Eco-Vegan Market. You will be introduced to Czech slow fashion designers and brands, zero waste products, and also taste vegan gastronomy that is kind to the planet.

The way we eat and what we eat have a huge impact on our planet. At Planet Fest, you will get a chance to taste meat alternatives and learn how to create a plant-based menu.


Game Zone

The Game Zone, which introduces how to play considerately, is a fun part of the festival. It will present the principles of zero waste, minimalism, ecology, respect for nature and animals, and healthy living. There will be play zones for various projects.

Come and experience the wonderful atmosphere and the lively gathering of people who want to be considerate of other creatures and the planet.

For further information, please visit: http://www.planetfest.cz/en/.