Online exhibition

The photographic exhibition, ‘The Beauty of Wild Horses’, which captures them in their natural habitat of steppes and semi-desert, can normally be seen in a yurt at the top station of the cable car, right next to their enclosure. Until visitors will be able to see the exhibition in person again, an online version is available on the zoo’s website.

“With this online exhibition we want to share the grateful feeling we have when we watch these wild horses in the freedom of the steppes and semi-deserts of Inner Asia,” Miroslav Bobek, the zoo director, says about the online exhibition.


Last living ancestor

These modest and resilient horses come from the steppes and semi-deserts on the Mongolian-Chinese border. The significance of Przewalski’s horse lies in the fact that it is the last existing ancestor of the domestic horse.

These horses were eliminated in the wild in the 1960s and 1970s, and the species has only survived thanks to the care of zoological gardens and long-standing international cooperation.


The return of wild horses

Prague Zoo has transported 31 Przewalski's horses from the Czech Republic to western Mongolia, and another four to other parts of Mongolia, by military aircraft since 2011.

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