New Pavilion

The new pavilion for polar bears will be a large-scale construction of more than eight thousand square meters, including two large enclosures and four swimming pools, additional exposition, visitor spaces including a restaurant, as well as technical facilities for the animals’ wellbeing, particularly for water purification.



A very attractive option for visitors to the zoo will be the opportunity to watch animals underwater. The pavilion will also be filled with the stories of Jan Eskymo Welzl, the legendary traveller who found beauty in the ordinary and whose story is told through artwork and illustrations by Petr Sís.


Further interesting facts about the new project can be found in the Arctic Exposition brochure available on the zoo’s website:

Demand for the quality of life of polar bears in human care is constantly rising, and in the future, only top-quality zoos will keep polar bears. It is a great pleasure for Prague Zoo to be one of them.