The race will start at ‘Veslařský ostrov’ (Rowing Island), and it will conclude between the Vyšehrad railway bridge and the Palacký Bridge. The curve under Vyšehrad Rock, where the course is defined by buoys, makes the race original and is the deciding point of the race.


Eights and skiffs

Unlike most rowing races, ‘Pražské primátorky’ is only for eights and skiffs. The most prestigious discipline is the men’s eight, which the crew Dukla Praha have won continuously since 1979. They can perfectly estimate the moment to start turning the boat, in the treacherous Vyšehrad curve, for the final stretch. However, even skiff races are very popular. The top Czech rowers and Olympic medallists regularly take part!



Do not miss the Universities Eight on Friday, where the best high school crews will compete, and on Saturday the qualifiers for all ages. The Universities Eight is the youngest race on the programme of the races. As the name itself suggests, it is for academic crews. It was originally intended for Prague universities. However, due to increased interest, it opened to all crews from other Czech and foreign universities. The race takes place on a 500-metre-long straight race, without the Vyšehrad curve. On Sunday, ‘Pražské primátorky’ will culminate with the final races of all categories, of eights and skiffs, and for both men and women.


Accompanying programme

In addition to the thrilling rowing competition, there will be also a rich accompanying programme prepared for visitors. You can try out rowing machines with experts and learn rowing techniques. There will also be activities for children and a health zone. You can also join the project ‘Pomáhej Pohybem’, where, by downloading the mobile phone application EPP, you can generate points with your activity, which ČEZ Foundation will then convert into a financial contribution for the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague 4, Podolí. All visitors can thus convert their energy into a financial donation for the institute, for example by rowing on special rowing machines.


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Vltava -between Podolí and Smíchov

07/06/19 at 4pm

08/06/19 at 9:30am

09/06/19 from 9:20am

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