Soup was a meal for poor people for centuries and was also served to convalescents in order to make them stronger. With our modern, quick-and-easy lifestyles, a good bowl of soup might just be your choice of healthy, warm fast food.

Even better, it is easy to vary and can be made with a huge range of ingredients. Soup can be healthy as well as festive, easy to make or complex. It can suit any occasion, need, mood and taste.


International selection

At the soup festival in Smíchov, you will have the opportunity to taste traditional Czech soups such as potato soup, ‘kulajda’ (a sour cream, potato, dill, egg and mushroom soup), cabbage soup, lentil soup, pumpkin soup, ‘prdelačka’ (another traditional Czech soup with pork blood made during the pig slaughtering season), dumpling soup, ‘dršťková’ (tripe soup), and various broths; but also soups from all over the world.

“Russian borscht, Mexican chipotle, Malaysian laksa, French bouillabaisse, Vietnamese pho, Moroccan harira, and increasingly popular Japanese ramen are all on offer. For soup-lovers who are not fans of meat, there will also be a varied selection of vegetable soups,” the event organisers said.

And if the soup is not enough by itself, you can taste crispy rolls, fresh homemade bread and other savoury pastries. Drinks include warm cider, apple juice, and mulled wine, as well as draft beer. To finish your experience, you can choose from a variety of sweet treats and delicious coffees.


Homeless cooks

‘Kuchařky bez domova’ (The homeless cooks) will also prepare a fantastic meal at the festival. These women may not have a home, but they enjoy cooking and want to share their art with others.

This project’s aim is to raise awareness of the issue of female homelessness by employing and supporting women in social distress; to connect those with and without homes in order to create a more equal space; cook and serve affordable, healthy vegan food to the general public; and finally, to use up fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away. That is quite an impressive goal, don’t you think?


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