The lecture cycle Stories of Sculptures discusses fascinating themes while also examining the gallery’s exhibitions that relate to public sculpture.


Jeroným Kohl

Jeroným Kohl was a Baroque sculptor and woodcarver, native of Horní Slavkov, who lived and worked in Prague from the age of 16. He is considered one of the leading artists of his time, and the importance of his work is clear from his status as a court sculptor.

Blending the old, Mannerist traditions with new, realistic Baroque concepts is characteristic of his work. His work can be found on the fountains in the second courtyard of Prague Castle, where he sculpted the decoration of Kohl's Fountain. Kohl’s proud Neptune on top of the Bear Fountain patiently oversees the 14th of October Square, formerly Jan Jáchym Slavata’s Garden, in the Smíchov District of Prague. The culmination of Kohl’s life work was two statues on Charles Bridge.


Statue of Saint Augustine

One of Kohl’s two statues on Charles Bridge is a statue of St. Augustine, created in the year 1708. Saint Augustine is the patron saint of theologians, printers, and brewers. The statue on Charles Bridge depicts him stamping on heretical books, as he was known for fighting against heresy.

However, the original statue can currently be found in Vyšehrad in Prague, and the statue on Charles Bridge is a 1971 replica by the sculptors Dušek, Velínský, Sopr and Hampl.

Apart from discussing Kohl’s works for Charles Bridge, the lecture will also focus on his extensive work for the imperial court and for the Augustinians.


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