Open-air cinema complements the indoor movie theatre, which also can be found in the former barracks, now serving as a cultural centre.

The programme for the 2020 season was prepared in cooperation with the American Embassy and the American Center, and offers cult movies, as well as more exotic and challenging films.


Hilarious mockumentary 

‘King of the Belgians’, which will be screened on the 26th of July, is a 2016 mockumentary comedy by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth. It follows the odyssey of the Belgian king, who learns, during an official visit to Istanbul, that Wallonia has declared independence and that Belgium no longer exists. The king decides to return home in order to face the political crisis, only to find that flights are cancelled due to a storm. Therefore, the king and his staff have to try to reach Belgium by travelling overland across the Balkans.


Cult classic

The 1955 American cult movie, ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, a film that made James Dean and Natalie Wood into stars, will also be screened in the barracks. Director Nicholas Ray’s film was one of the first to focus on the world of troubled young people, who fail to find their place in the world. In addition to the undeniable quality of the film, the untimely death of the main actor in a car crash the year the film was released made the film a cult classic.


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