In one interview, the musician said that combining different elements has always been completely natural for her. “When I was growing up, classical music was played at home and I also listened to rock and indie. I avoided electronic music, the way it keeps repeating bored me,” says Nora. “I get my inspiration from nature and movie soundtracks, I want to distract listeners from the stress of everyday life,” the DJ adds.


Tens of thousands of views

The young DJ became famous in 2013 with her very successful hit ‘Come With Me’, which was followed by other hits such as ‘Morning Dew’, ‘You Are My Pride’, ‘U Got My Body’, ‘Waves’, and many other tracks and remixes. Her podcast ‘Purified’ has tens of thousands of views.


Prague to hear Nora’s new EP

Nora is also a very talented and skilful producer, who has produced a number of hits and popular remixes.

She will introduce her latest work, ‘Delta / Bartok’ EP, in Prague. The EP, which has only been recently released, is once again a worldwide success. Nora has performed in Roxy Music Club in Prague repeatedly, and her amazing shows have always been great successes, which have been widely discussed and have spiced up the hot summers.

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