Prague City Gallery has been occupying the unique Gothic corner house in the Old Town Square of Prague since 1988. The gallery uses the historical house for exhibitions and conceptual art.

Apart from the exhibition space, there is also a bookshop and a café in the back of the building with a view of the built-in Baroque gallery at the back of the house and the original well. It is certainly worthwhile to take a guided tour of this extraordinary townhouse.



According to recent research, the origins of the Stone Bell House date back to the second half of the 13th century. At that time, a side building stood behind the corner of a massive tower with high perimeter walls.

For many years, this unique architectural gem was hidden under a baroque facade. This was removed and then the building was reconstructed to show its original Gothic appearance.


Guided tour

The tour on the 29th of December will also open doors to spaces that are not usually accessible to the public. You will have the unique opportunity to see places that survived through various historical eras. There is a lot to learn about the fascinating history of the house, which was inspired by Gothic architecture of sacred buildings.

You will see interesting paintings from the early 14th century, and you will learn more about the culture of European courts, as well as the historical context and contemporary views of the house, and its reconstruction and restoration.

You will also find out about the people who were born here and lived in this historical architectural gem.


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